Employee Shuttle

Blue Spear provides local business with a shuttle service for exclusive use of transporting their employees to and from their work.  This service is especially popular with businesses and employment agencies with a labour force that works shifts patterns.  Blue Spear’s shuttle service can transfer 8 workers per vehicle, this service:

  • Ensures workers arrive on time for their shift
  • Offers added security for people working unsocial hours
  • Widens pool of workers to those who don’t have their own transport
  • Reduces car park congestion

Blue Spear works in partnership with the business or employment agency to shape the shuttle service around your business needs.  Our service is available 24/7 and would work flexibly around your shift patterns, and work with you to ensure that your workers arrive at their place of work on time, every time.

For more information about Blue Spear’s employee shuttle service and our rates, please fill out our form or call 01525 839 333.

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